Dear Mister Steinbeck,

I finished the third book of yours fallen into my hands and I just wanted to send you my love and appreciation. I guess you probably don’t need my appreciation, since you have received so many awards while here on Earth, so I’d be delighted if you just kept the love. There are some peculiar people spying on my blog – I still wonder why – who might think I went crazy reading this, but I know for sure you’re up there in heaven telling God beautiful stories to put him to sleep (I might have read this somewhere, please don’t mind me). Anyway, just wanted to make sure you’re aware that some fourthy years after you moved to greener pastures, we still love Salinas, its neighborhood and its people, even if some of us never came close to US. Also, please accept my apologies on behalf of the narrow minded editors that wrote on the short biographies preceding your novels  phrases similar to “he ceased to exist on bla bla 1968”. They simply envy your immortality and get some false satisfaction by arguing it. May I just say, if you think these few lines are too cheesy, just read the teaser in Romanian – I’m quite sure you’ll get it, since you have transcended your human boundaries and you’re able to understand anything we mortals put into words.  Also, Mister Steinbeck, if you don’t mind me asking, I’d be really grateful to dream about one of your stories – maybe something you wrote up there (sorry for the cliché – unable to imagine your „location” at all). Maybe you can put up a good word (adică să pui o vorbă bună) to one of the Dream Assistant Angels you have befriended with.  Well, that’s all for now, hope to see (?!) you up there (well, wherever Eden is) some day.

Gratefully yours,